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Hotel Staff Hotel Housekeeping Hotel Operations

The Future Of Hotel Housekeeping By MEWS

Frictionless internal communication is what creates the “magic” guests feel when entering a well-run hotel. But there are some departments that have a...

Hotel Housekeeping

Ten Weirdest Items Lost & Found in Hotel Rooms

Housekeeping is a tough job, no doubt about it, but we never imagined all the dangers of the profession. Of course, maids deal with a lot of chemicals...

Hotel Staff Hotel Housekeeping

The secrets of Attendants and how "do not disturb" signs Save Face

Attendants always know. They are the pumping heart of a hotel. Not the General Managers, not the owners. Attendants. They master the ancient ability t...

PMS Hotel Software

How to choose a PMS (and not regret it next year)

For a hotelier, choosing a PMS can be one of the most time consuming and stressful experiences ever. Buy the wrong system and, one year from now, you ...

Overcoming Challenges of Adopting New Technology

  Change can be a scary thing, especially when revenue is on the line. Many hotels do not take  advantage of possible technology solutions because the...