12 Little Known Facts about Hotel Housekeeping and Maintenance

Keeping a hotel in perfect condition and ready do deliver great guest experience is a lot more than just "having a crew" there are so many details involved.

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Working Better, not Harder

The hospitality industry is one the of the oldest industries in the world, often grounded by tradition. With processes, procedures, and a hierarchy all working together in the background to ensure all the million and one things that could go wrong with a guest don’t.

Yet, there is still room for improvement.

One important question that comes to mind is how do you introduce technology to a hard job such as housekeeping, without slowing down their workflow and making things harder? (and for those who have never cleaned a hotel room, you won’t fully understand what I mean).

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Lost and ...found? Helping Hotel Staff

Some time ago as I was checking out of our hotel, my 11-year-old daughter looks at me with a sad face and says “Daddy, I think I left my iPod in the room.” This sent me into pure panic mode, on one hand I was frantically trying to figure out where her iPod was, my other children were disappointed about the holiday ending, and to make matters worse the taxi outside was threatening to leave, which would strand us at the hotel causing us to miss our flight home.

Needless to say, it wasn’t the ideal situation.

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Facing the Challenges of the Hotel Technology Budget


When developing a hotel budget for the coming year, two of the biggest questions hotel executives and managers must answer are in regards to technology spending: how much should be allocated towards hotel technology, and how should that amount be distributed? Determining which solutions should be a priority for the hotel can be a challenge, given the fast-developing nature of the technology industry and quick-adoption tendencies of hotel guests.

Factoring Technology Solutions into the Hotel Budget

Budget season is a stressful time for a hotel, assessing the good and the bad from the past year and deciding where money should be allocated for the upcoming year. Conducting extensive research to understand what has worked and what hasn’t is the most difficult part of creating any hotel budget, but it doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking when all the needed information is right there in the hotel.