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Lost and ...found? Helping Hotel Staff

Some time ago as I was checking out of our hotel, my 11-year-old daughter looks at me with a sad face and says “Daddy, I think I left my iPod in the room.” This sent me into pure panic mode, on one hand I was frantically trying to figure out where her iPod was, my other children were disappointed about the holiday ending, and to make matters worse the taxi outside was threatening to leave, which would strand us at the hotel causing us to miss our flight home.

Needless to say, it wasn’t the ideal situation.

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Overcoming Challenges of Adopting New Technology


Change can be a scary thing, especially when revenue is on the line. Many hotels do not take  advantage of possible technology solutions because they fear the training and implementation  processes will take too much time and cost more than the system will end up being worth. However, technology is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace, and hotels are falling behind. Between the commission costs of OTAs and the threat of the sharing economy, can hotels really afford not to invest in new technology right now?

Facing the Challenges of the Hotel Technology Budget


When developing a hotel budget for the coming year, two of the biggest questions hotel executives and managers must answer are in regards to technology spending: how much should be allocated towards hotel technology, and how should that amount be distributed? Determining which solutions should be a priority for the hotel can be a challenge, given the fast-developing nature of the technology industry and quick-adoption tendencies of hotel guests.